Conference Topics

The conference topics are organized in order to gather together all those works, studies, projects and experiences related to Sustainability Measurement and Modelling, especially on the following areas:

Sustainability: systemic and complexity. Information Analysis and Treatment
The focus is on the conceptual analysis of sustainable development notion from the systemic point of view, with all the complexities involved, until the selection of appropriate information and data, and the processing of information necessary to facilitate further analysis of the complex system.

Indicators and Benchmarking. Agenda 21
Pertaining all possible initiatives carried out in the world of sustainability measure, from the various methods of selection of qualitative and quantitative indicators, their calculation and their graphic representation, also their implementation in the Agenda 21 and the monitoring, but also other existing ideas on how to weight and aggregate indicators, and in building combined aggregated indexes.

Modelling of Sustainability
This area attempts to collect the various studies, experiences and analysis in modelling techniques and methodologies, to analyze complex systems and interactions between their elements. This analysis will allow a greater understanding of the system itself, and its temporal and spatial dynamics.

Evaluation of sustainability
Gathering all pertinent methodologies and tools related to the evaluation of the processes towards sustainable development achievement. Governments, non governmental institutions, international organizations, and communities demand further means to evaluate programs, policies and actions relevant to Sustainability issues as well as means to monitor and follow up their achievements and progress.

Future scenarios
This topic adresses the relation between sustainable development and future scenarios. The objective is to collect contributions that are aimed to increase the knowledge regarding future scenarios methodologies (forecasting, backcasting and visioning), particularly in relation with decision making, planning, evaluation and participation processes

Experiences and applications
This area covers the presentation of experiences and applications, whether for measurement, modelling and / or evaluation of sustainability, and future scenarios.

City: transport, urban planning, architecture, poverty, social exclusion, etc.
Productive system: life cycle analysis, industrial ecology, etc.
Spatial planning: landscape, risks, plans and actions, etc.
Resources: natural systems, air, water, soil, food, energy, etc.
Wastes: pollution, processing, management, etc.
Other: Cooperation, education, responsible consumption, tourism, etc.