Honour Committee

Antoni Giró Roca
Rector of Polytechnic University of Catalonia UPC. Spain.

Joaquim Boixareu Antolí
Board of Trustees' Chairman of Polytechnic University of Catalonia UPC. Spain.

Francesc Baltasar i Albesa
Minister of the Environment and Housing. Government of Catalonia. Spain.

Gabriel Ferraté i Pascual
President of the Advisory Council for the Sustainable Development. Government of Catalonia. Spain.

Joan Antoni Barón Espinar
Delegated president of the Environment Department of the Barcelona Provincial Council. Spain.

Pere Navarro i Morera
Mayor of the City of Terrassa. Spain.

Luís Jiménez Herrero
Dean of the Spanish Observatory for Sustainability. Spain.

Joseba Quevedo Casín
Delegate of the Rector of UPC at Terrassa Campus. Spain.

Eulàlia Griful Ponsati
Dean of the School of Industrial and Aeronautic Engineering of Terrassa. Spain.

Juan Antonio Gallardo León
Dean of the College of Industrial Engineering of Terrassa. Spain.

Ester Guaus Guerrero
Dean of the College of Optics and Optometry of Terrassa. Spain.

Jordi Morató Farreras
Dean of the UNESCO Sustainability Chair. Spain.