Humanity today is facing many challenges, be they social, economic, environmental, and so on, most of them global. The financial crisis also overall, has yet to be highlighted these imbalances. The foundation of these conflicts is in the outdated north model development, which urgently needs a paradigm shift towards sustainability.

The transition to a sustainable society will require, among other things, powerful tools and methodologies to evaluate and measure from a systemic, integrated and objective approach both the reality and the relevance of the actions, programs, projects and development human policies. Also, specify methodologies and modelling tools that help both decision-making at both global and local, and the identification of factors, actors and actions critical of the different development models.

After the great reception that took the first edition of this Congress in 2006, the UNESCO Chair of Sustainability at the Technical University of Catalonia and the Spanish Observatory for Sustainability, returns to host the second edition of this event in a broader format that will allow the existence of more papers, relevant experience, as well as spaces for discussion and reflection.

The 2nd International Conference on Sustainability Measurement and Modelling, ICSMM 2009, will become, again, an interacting forum for those organizations, institutions, and experts interested in Sustainability Measurement and Modelling issues; more generally, for those supporting decision-making processes.

The ICSMM 2009 will take place on November 5th and 6th 2009, in Terrassa (located 35 km from the city of Barcelona).